What is Web Hosting Uptime?

What is Web Hosting Uptime? 1024 551 Arlene Powell

Among the many things that people look for in a top hosting company, that is mostly the server uptime. Server uptime is a measure of how long your hosting company’s websites have been up and running. This is important because, as you might already know if a server goes down, your websites will go along with it.

That being said, there is a huge problem with what companies report to their potential customers in terms of server uptime. This article will revolve around that and more, so do read further if you find this interesting (because it is).

Why Grading a Host’s Service Reliability Can Be Problematic?

The biggest problem when it comes to looking for a hosting company, specifically talking about their service reliability, is that there is no sure way of measuring their server’s uptime scores. In other words, if they say that their servers are up and running 99% of the time, you’re going to have to take their word for it. Although this seems to be the standard, there is a problem with this.

Server uptime is usually a percentage based on time, but what amount of time are we talking about here? What amount of time is their basis for the said statistic?

If you crunch the numbers, 99% uptime in terms of a week is about 60 minutes or an hour of website downtime. You might think that is considerable, but what if you are running an online store where every minute, you could potentially lose customers?

Speaking of online stores, you should also think about how much your revenues are going to be affected whenever your website goes down.

Let’s just say that you went with a company that promises 98% uptime and let’s assume that you are earning about $1000 per month. Using their uptime guarantee and punching in your monthly revenue, you could potentially be losing at least $20/month or about $240 a year.

What’s worse is that this is only part of the equation.

Your potential loss of revenues will further be compounded by the fact that if new potential customers go to your website and it happens to be down at that time, then they are less likely to return, according to a report that was published by SEMrush.

Some web hosting companies would provide you some compensation in the form of server uptime guarantees, but the money they can give you might not compare to the money that you could potentially earn in a given timeframe.

Uptime Guarantees May Not Be Worth It

Uptime guarantees usually work like this: You will report to your hosting company that your website is down for a couple of hours. Most companies who promise 99% uptime will only refund you the money if your website is down for at least 3.6 hours (because 99% uptime a month gives you that number).

Now, assuming that you are going to be compensated for that, there are also companies that would require that you will report the downtime to them, meaning, you will have to use your own resources to track your website’s uptime/downtime statistics.

In addition, some hosting companies would not even give you any compensation at all if your website is down for less than, say, 3.6 hours a month.

So, if you are choosing a hosting provider, make sure that you read the fine print and understand what is stipulated in their ToS. Comprehend the part that talks about uptime guarantee so that you will know what you’re getting yourself into.