How to Plan a Wedding in Six Months

Planning and organizing your own wedding can be time-consuming and complicated. But, what if you want it to happen in 6 months or less? Here are the most basic steps you should follow to plan a fantastic wedding in a short time.

Plan Early

Ready yourself emotionally and mentally. Are you in the right frame of mind? Start planning your own wedding with lots of flexibility and an open mind. You may have it all in your imagination, but at some point, you may feel disappointed and frustrated. Just be ready to make major changes and some modifications.

Set a Budget

This is one of the first steps in planning wedding celebrations, especially in a very short timeline. Don’t just rely on your credit card. Surely, it is not healthy to enter a marriage in enormous debt. Never spend beyond your means. This would require a long meeting with your fiancé as well as with an experienced wedding event management company.

Draft the Guest List

Think about how many people you can host with the venue and budget that you have. As you continue with the wedding planning process, you will realize that your guest list can impact your budget both in a negative and positive way. If you want to keep the costs low, invite only a few loved ones.

Purchase a Wedding Planning Book

If you are determined to plan your own wedding, consider buying a wedding planning book. This will help you organize your thoughts, track the budget, and store all important contact details in one place. Begin planning as soon as you finalize your wedding date.

Make a To-Do List

A to-do list will help you monitor your wedding planning progress. It can also depend on your location and your bridal market. Surely, along the way, you will encounter certain drawbacks. Make sure to take down notes, so you can address all of the problems as soon as possible.

Consider a Destination Wedding

In a destination wedding, all you need to do is attend the ceremony, get married and enjoy the moment. It may seem expensive, but it will cost you less cash in the long run. Make sure to weigh your choices. Just make sure to remind everyone about preparing their passports, in case you are planning an out of the country adventure.

Consider a Casual Theme

Instead of planning a formal affair, just consider a casual party. Make it more fun and exciting by exercising a bit of creativity. Think out of the box!

Finalize a Date, and One Alternative Date

Contact your wedding ceremony location choices. Ask if there are still available dates, and check how the price suits your overall plan. Remember that if you wait any longer, you risk that specific date being unavailable.

Research Reception Areas

Don’t just look at fancy locations. Consider the typical reception halls, vineyards, museums, art galleries, historic hotels and botanical gardens. A zoo is also a great option, since it will be more affordable, memorable and creative.

Book an Officiant

Some religions require different couples to attend counseling before the event. Are you thinking of getting a religious officiant in your wedding? If yes, then most likely, he will want to meet you and your fiancé first before discussing the vows.