How to Build A Successful Ecommerce Site

In creating an eCommerce website, it is not enough that it looks presentable. It should encourage people to buy, which is the main reason why you want to make ecommerce website in the first place.

Regardless if you are doing the legwork or you appointed someone else to do the job, here are a few things to consider when building an eCommerce store.

1. Consider your buyers’ shopping habits.

Consider setting up your pages in a manner that is easy to use for your shoppers. Some buyers prefer to see recommended items or those items related to what they are buying.

2. Aim to create a responsive eCommerce site.

Nowadays, more and more buyers use their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to browse websites. Make the platform user-friendly regardless of the kind of device your shopper is using.

3. Set up a search bar.

Have you ever visited a website without a search bar? It’s kind of difficult to browse all the products just to see the specific product you are looking for. Make it easier for your buyers to see what they are looking for by including a search bar into your website.

4. Come up with a shopping cart.

Online shoppers these days would save something they would like to buy using their shopping cart. It often happens that these shoppers browse for more similar items first before proceeding to the checkout page.

5. Make the wish list page more functional.

It’s not enough that you just set up a wish list. It should allow the users to save their items for a long time because most buyers these days research first before making the purchasing decision.

6. Don’t forget to include reviews.

Statistics say that half of all online shoppers these days would take a look at review first before buying. So let your previous buyers have the option to review for the benefit of other future buyers.

7. Let your buyers shop without the need to create an account.

There are types of users who are skeptical in creating accounts in online retail stores. Let them shop by creating a guest account.

8. Make sure that your product pictures are of high-quality.

Aside from reviews, buyers take a look at pictures when making the purchasing decision. If your picture is blurred or does not show important details about the product, your buyer will likely have second thoughts in buying.

9. Ensure your contact information is easy to see.

There are instances when customers need to get in touch maybe because they have questions about your products or about the shipping. A good customer service is important in running any ecommerce website.

10. Perform user testing.

Check your website’s performance before launching it. There might be issues that need to be addressed as well as certain things you may remove to make the website faster.


There you have it! Remember that one of the keys to a successful website is having a quality site. It should run fast and have elements necessary to convert your visitors into buyers.