Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Wedding on a Limited Budget

Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Wedding on a Limited Budget 718 440 Arlene Powell

Be unique.

A low-budget wedding is a great opportunity to push aside conventional and traditional details. If you can’t afford that pretty long gown from a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur, then look for a cheaper, more beautiful alternative. For some people, sticking to tradition means wearing a long, white gown. Why don’t you go to the way?

Resist the temptation.

Specialty stores, wedding planners and bridal magazines will tell you that for your wedding to be truly special, you need to rent, buy and hire all sorts of things. That is not true. You can make your own wedding special in a unique way. Resist the temptation to buy unnecessary things.

Consider secondhand bargains.

eBay and local consignment stores are goldmines. Real bargains can be found in these places. If you are looking for a cheap wedding dress, these are the places to be. Surely, your groom wouldn’t mind wearing suit from a thrift store, as long as it still looks dapper and elegant.

Make your very own wedding favors and invitations.

Going for the DIY route is a good option, if you have lots of time in your hands. You don’t need to DIY your entire wedding! Few of the things you can make on your own are wedding favors, invitations and some decorations like paper flowers.

Consider alternative wedding reception venues.

One of the many challenges couples face when planning their wedding is to choose a big venue while sticking to a limited budget. Of course, you would want to invite a lot of friends and family members. The best decision is to gear away from the traditional wedding reception venue. Plan a backyard or picnic wedding.