Critical Success Factors for Event Venue

Are you excited to plan your special occasion? There are tons of things to prepare and arrange, and one of the most important aspects is the venue itself. It should be a top priority. Your location will set the entire tone of the event—it is the starting point of all the event’s details.

How do you choose the right venue? What considerations must be made? Here are some top tips from event production companies.

1. Evaluate your food options.

There can be endless food and beverage options. Several event locations provide a vast range of catering menus, depending on the purpose of your event. As much as possible, be flexible with your choices. If you’re lucky, you will be able to look for a location that can customize a menu based on your needs. What do you think is the cuisine that will work best with your guests? Trust me, with a proper timeline, the planning process would be so much smoother.

2. Work within your budget.

Organize all details in a checklist, and keep the contract on hand, before taking on any major planning step. The most important checklist of all, your budget, should be followed religiously to avoid overspending. Part of this budget checklist is your menu. There are plenty of other things to consider, though.

Would you provide an open bar? Shall you limit the drinks to a certain extent? Work with the location manager to know their venue’s policies. Some of them would only pay for consumption, while some would offer hourly packages or setup fees.

Check if you will need linens. If you do, you can either outsource it, or get it from the location company itself. How about table decorations? Inquire if there will be a setup fee, and if the venue itself can provide the centerpieces.

Several of these decisions will be made along the way, but knowing the policies ahead of time can be sigh of relief. Update your budget once in a while, and review the costs.

3. Check out the location.

Make sure to visit your venue days before the event. Sometimes, online photographs may be deceiving—they can appear spacious in your screen but in person, not so remarkable. You wouldn’t want to book a room that is too big or too small for your guest list. What’s important is the level of comfort of all your guests. Make sure it is big enough for all the activities you have planned.

4. Look for a location that is easily accessible.

If you can book a location that is easily accessible and near to your area of residence, then that would be great. No one would want to get lost on the way to your event. If you weren’t able to get a place that is close to your area, then make sure to post directions.

Final Reminders!

Selecting an event venue can be a stressful and overwhelming process. But, once you find that perfect setting for your occasion, you will surely feel accomplished, fulfilled and satisfied.