8 Tested Corporate Management Event Tips for Venues


Each event requires a unique and different approach. But in corporate event planning, there is one common trait for success, which is that the venue should fit your theme. An amazing event requires a venue that is spot on to ensure the success of your goals. Although it may seem simple, dealing with venues along with all the chores that come with it can be real tedious. Here are the top tips from experts to help you scout the perfect location for your event.

Thinking outside the box

When considering venues for your corporate events, it is good to think outside the box. What worked before doesn’t necessarily apply to the event you are working on now. Seek the help of venue hosts as they may have important insight about how you can utilize the space in a venue. If you’re arranging something more unique than usual, ensure that the goal is attainable. Inform the venue of what exactly you are looking for.

Construct a detailed outline

Before starting to scout for a location, you need to first create a clear outline that you and your client agree on. Keep your outline detailed and thorough as this will help you lock on to a smaller list of venues that will match what you need the best. Next step is to send your chosen venues a request for proposal where you need to be clear and concise on what you are looking for as to not waste their time. If you don’t find the venue you scouted a good fit for your event now, it can be the right one for the next event you have so don’t antagonize a venue host by sending a vague outline that they are not really suitable. By creating a detailed outline where you state your goal, capacity, budget and features that you require and clarifying what you are willing to compromise to what you can’t, the better the venue host can help you.


Have one contact person

It is paramount to ask venues to provide you a single contact person as combing through various contacts just to find that single one you need is very time consuming. Having a single contact person  also helps you build rapport and avoid confusion as well. It is beneficial for both your company and the venue if you have a good working relationship with them.

Treat venues as partners, not suppliers

The venue host and the venue staff have an abundance of information that they can share to you if you let them feel that they are appreciated and valued. Consider your tone when speaking to them, your attitude and outlook as this can impart to them whether you see them as partners or just another transaction. Set the standards of how you interact with them the same as how you want them to act towards you. Value their effort and hard work, especially when they’ve worked hard to answer your request for proposal.

Create a checklist when visiting sites

Once you have narrowed down to your initial list of sites to visit, prepare and bring with you a checklist of things and information that you require from the site. Ask the important questions that you need so that you can compose a full picture of what you need. Transparency is the foundation of a good working relationship.

Imply a sense of urgency

Letting your prospect venue know of your tight timeline and the other venues that you are currently scouting will create a sense of urgency and will push their competitive edge which may help them produce a great proposal for you. They will also surely admire your transparency about the other   venues you are scouting, and might even give you competitive rates to get your business. Just make sure that the time urgency you are implying is in line with a realistic timeline.


Establish what services are offered

Some venues have in-house suppliers and services that can surely help you save some of your budget. Although you need to check with your prospect venues as sometimes they have policies about external suppliers. If they don’t offer in-house, ask if they only allow their preferred suppliers from their contacts. This is a critical detail that you need to confirm soonest as to avoid confusion before hiring the venue.

Put it in ink

Make sure to put everything you agreed on in writing as this will protect both you and the venue from any falling outs. Include any requests you have like alterations and such to avoid confusion and miscommunications. Follow up you phone conversations with emails so you have a reference of what you have talked about and discussed. Keep these tips at the top of your mind when scouting for a venue for your corporate event and we are sure that everything will go smooth and find a perfect place.