4 SEO Trends Taking Shape in 2018

SEO is an ever-changing field and if one a website administrator or owner or even a SEO expert does not adapt to its changes; they’re going to be left out. Google seems to hold the key when it comes to search engine optimization and although there are other search engines out there, Google Search is probably the most popular today.

That being said, what are the trends that are currently shaping the current SEO landscape?

  • Mobile-First Page Ranking

4 SEO Trends Taking Shape in 2018

If you do a quick Google search about smartphone brands, you will find a plethora of different companies out there. You might find ones that are prominent all over the world like Samsung and the iPhone, but there are also other brands (even those that are lesser known in some parts of the globe).

My point is that smartphones have become a thing. It has become an integral part of our lives as it is easy to use and you can do a ton of things with it and this includes browsing the web of course.

That is why Google has released the Mobile-first Index. It basically means that a website’s page rankings will involve mobile friendliness. So, if your webpage doesn’t look good on a mobile phone, then you’re most likely going to get ranked lower than the ones that do.

  • Tailor-Made for Voice Searches

We used to rely solely on keywords and implemented them on the titles, subheadings, and even on our content. However, with the rise of different devices that support a voice search functionality, there is now a need to tailor your content to suit the new technology.

Instead of using only one or two keywords, you now have to create long-tail keywords that most people will likely use when doing a voice search and think about syntax as well. It has now become more important to structure your SEO in a way that satisfies the common voice search parameters people use.

  • Informative and Concise Content

People do not have the patience nor the time to read long walls of text. So, SEO has since been revamped to cater content that is straightforward and concise because when people try to look for answers, they want to get it as quickly as possible.

If you do a search query that would elicit a response that answers your question, a featured snippet would most likely be seen at the top of the page. If your content somehow answers a user’s query in the most concise yet informative manner, it is most likely that your written snippet will be the one getting featured.

  • Above All is User Experience

Although the things I’ve highlighted in this article are pretty drastic changes, the user experience is probably one that doesn’t require a lot of change.

The only change you need to think of is that Google still rewards sites that offer the best user experience possible. And, it gauges that using a number of metrics such as bounce rate, time spent on your page, and a few others.

If you concentrate on your website, loading speed, relevancy, and actual content while keeping the user in mind, your SEO will work wonders for you.

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