4 Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

4 Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them 397 242 Arlene Powell

It is pretty easy to earn money from blogging because it can actually be a part of your content marketing strategy. You see, content marketing has become way better in terms of getting actual sales than just your regular marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses rarely think about blogging as a great platform for their content marketing strategy nor are they sinking enough time and money investments into making one.

So today, I am going to go over some of the most common blogging mistakes and how you can fix them.

Not Getting Leads on Your Blog

So, you’ve followed my advice in that you’ve created some compelling and informative content pieces on your blog. That is great and all, but your job is actually not yet finished.

One of the common mistakes I see is that people just write blog posts and then leave it there. They forget to market it, and thus, it doesn’t really do anything substantially good.

So, in order for you to promote your content pieces, one way you can do that is by building your email list. Email content marketing, according to statistics, can actually help you get 38x more return on investment than just writing a blog post and calling it a day.

But, in order for you to build your email list, you have to entice your people to sign up. First is you’ve got to make amazing content pieces. Second, use HelloBar or other similar tools to help you capture more leads.

Not Writing Enough

Another common mistake bloggers make when they’re trying to gain money from the platform is not writing enough. Sure, there are times where you just cannot write anything because you ran out of ideas, but there are actually some ways you can get over the hump.

For instance, you can use Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator to help you gain more content ideas. You can input specific parameters into the generator and it will help you give ideas on what to write specifically.

I know that it can be cumbersome to write on a consistent basis, let along writing every single day. But, doing so will help you drive more inbound traffic to your website.

Expecting that Every Post You Make Will Go Viral

Look, although the compulsion to look at your post’s analytics can be compelling, actually thinking that every one of your blog posts will go viral may just end up in frustration.

However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t write anything worthwhile. In fact, you can use something like Google Trends to help you find keywords and topics that are currently causing a buzz over the internet.

By looking at those trends, you can create articles that will have a better chance of being seen as opposed to writing something that is declining in trends.

Not Writing In-Depth Articles

Are you the type of person that just writes articles that are shorter than 750 words? If you are, then you are probably not solving your reader’s problems because providing a good solution does not fit in a short article.

That being said, you need to write more in-depth articles- giving them guides or step-by-step instructions to help solve their problems. It is also crucial that when you post an argument that you back them up with solid and tangible proof. Link some studies or statistics that will help prove your claim.